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“The day was amazing. The sessions on relationship management, financial stability and all the other activities made me understand my partner well – how I think, what she feels and how we both can merge our thoughts together. The team also was very practical in helping us understand things based on our own context. Thank you so much.”

– Arun (name changed on request) – Soon to be engaged.

“We were asked to attend this session by my fiancé’s sister. I felt it was more practical than sitting at a coffee shop and have conversations that may not give the actual context.  This was indeed a more practical and structured way of understanding someone who I need to be spending the rest of my life with. The experience was amazing and beautiful. It made me to be in the real time and come out of my perceptions and apprehensions of marriage because I understood a lot of things about my future fiancé and I felt that I can see him more from a realistic point.”

– Nisha (name changed on request) – Soon to be engaged.

“The experience was good. Had a quite a few activities today, which seem simple but brought out a lot of meaning, thoughts and shifts in our context. It helped us draw out our feelings about us and our relationship and I really loved it. There were revelations on what little things that I can proactively tweak to bring about a positive change in my relationship with my wife.”

– John, Married for 3 months

“The experience of attending the session was beautiful! It was coupled with experiences that we have experienced long back but have seized to experience it now because of our hectic lives and shifts in our relationship. There were reminders on how to draw from what worked for us in the past and how to make it work now – like talking and laughing for silly reasons. I personally found a lot of validation about my feelings and emotions that I felt about my husband. This session enabled me to help my husband understand some things that I have been trying to communicate to him.”

– Nirupama, Married for 3 months.

“Frankly speaking I did not know what to expect at the workshop. But I realized that from the first hour itself that it was very relevant to my life and my partner. It was through simple activities I realized that what we can do differently to make changes for the better in my married life. It was very insightful. Thank you team TLT for the passion with which you have created this very unique workshop.”

– Anjali – Newlywed working professional in Bangalore, who attended our workshop

“We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! I have been a part of many workshops and also have conducted workshops as I am a trainer myself. This one was very, very different. Different because it felt tailormade for me and my wife. I did not know that such simple and yet powerful techniques will work so well. I now think that all couples who are getting married to attend a workshop like this.”

– Sujit – Newlywed working professional in Bangalore, who attended our workshop