Our Story

This is a story, from years ago. Two people met, fell in love, felt invincible and took the plunge, they got married. Like many others, they felt that no force could tear them apart. They were right. Or were they? True to their beliefs, they were two strong individuals, there was strength in their togetherness and richness in collective experience. Yet, time exhibited that they were just two of the myriad things that were part of the experience. The relationship dusted the nooks and crevices that they didn’t know existed. Of course, it also brought sunshine and warmth they were clueless of. Life together as a couple brought them face to face with the realities, a dangerous concoction of vulnerabilities and struggles.

So, what happened? Did they let go? No.

With the good fortune of professional guidance and counselling, they were nudged to re-think their relationship. They worked hard and learnt what went into making a resilient partnership. They re-built a stronger foundation for their future together.
This is not a story straight out of the books, it’s straight out of our lives. This is OUR story.We were one of the lucky few to have access to expert help when we needed it the most. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for millions of individuals, who are part of diverse relationships. May it be friends, couples, colleagues or any person involved in an emotional partnership, a very small percentage receive the insight into the complex demands of a relationship. We wanted to fight these statistics.

This got us thinking. We got a chance, everyone should. 

Together, we built ‘The Little Things’ (TLT), an organization that hopes and cares for relationship wellness for all.
Our collective of professional experts have come together to help guide you in building stronger interpersonal relationships. We work with individuals who are in emotional partnerships, be it with their spouse, parents, friends or workplace colleagues. We offer refresher courses for marital relationships at various stages of their development. We believe a relationship can thrive with the right mix of knowledge, tools and effort.

A happy relationship is a result of little steps, taken together. We are here to support you with the methods and skills.