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Relationship Workshops for the Hands that Care, Protect and Serve.

They work hard to offer us security and protection in our daily lives. They strive to provide us the optimal when it comes to wellness and care. They are the light bearers of knowledge and many of us owe our vision and values to them. They are the members of the police force, the nurses and teachers. They have cared, protected and served us, this is an initiative in gratitude from us.

Grim statistics have emerged from recent data observations, both at the global and national level. When it comes to members of the police force, nurses and teachers, sadly suicides and deaths related to mental wellness have spiked over the last few years. This has been pegged to be a result of high pressure at work, long hours, mental health ignorance and extreme stress to name a few. While there are continuous attempts to provide training in development of work skills and soft skills such as communication, we rarely hear of assistance in helping them understand, develop and nurture- relationships.

Facilitated by the collective at The Little Things, this series of Relationship Wellness Workshops for Hands that Care is conceptualized to enable sustainable transformations for those who are at the forefront of community service, like doctors, nurses, police officers and teachers. Our workshops deep dive into aspects that help identify, adapt, steer and support, relationships. The workshop module is put together by a team of experts supported by diligent conversations with the group that we strive to support. We support you in helping yourself.

What does our workshop do?

  • Help navigate relationships – both personal and professional
  • Help proactively identify and address stress – systematically, quickly and efficiently
  • Understand and handle criticism received from all in the relationship spectrum
  • Simplify ways to address self-criticism  
  • Sensitize individuals to identify, handle and reduce unhealthy differences and stresses in the relationships
  • Help reveal essential insights and tools that can be used to better understand the selves and others in order to nurture connection worth keeping

As specified, our workshops are tailor fit for the group. The information, data, tools and module are customized for personalized benefits. Our sessions can be curated from 2 hours up to 3 days – depending on the need of the persons we are addressing.

Contact us for hosting sessions at your organizations or institutions.