Refresher Workshops for Couples (One-to-Infinity Years of Marriage) | The Little Things India

Level – Advanced | Focus – Refresher

A secret to making all bad things good and all good things even better.

Does your marriage feel stationary? Do the yesterdays and tomorrows blur in your busy schedule? A happy monotony but a tad bit boring? Or it is a wild roller-coaster making you hope for a little breather? Does it feel regular and routine, leaving you to wish for something more? Is there a desire to refresh your marriage vows and re-ignite the spark?

If the answer’s yes, you are in the right place, reading the right sentences.

We at The Little Things can help, putting the focus back on you and your partner.

Let’s start with the fact that there is no ideal marriage. Marriage is often misconstrued to be a commitment that lasts forever and with little effort. It’s rarely so. There are ebbs and flow, at times its boredom and at others, it’s simply tough. Sometimes the ingredients are all there and you just need to get the recipe right.

What we offer is a weekend to breathe in a fresh whiff of vows into your marriage and re-discover each other. A getaway with your partner and a break from the routine to converse, understand and be supported. And to top it all, by having a fabulously good time in each other’s company.

The Refresher Workshops by The Little Things are for couples who have been married for a year or longer. Our workshops help you create deeper connections, dissolve conflicts and create new stories with each other. We help in making your relationship, stronger and better with techniques tailor-fit to your specific emotional and personal needs.

Our workshops are constructed within a framework of tested, practical and mindful strategies.

Here’s a little snippet on what awaits you at the workshop.

At the workshop, you get experts from different professional backgrounds like counselors, life coaches, theater professional, doctors, communication and financial advisors to help you identify, understand and communicate various aspects, together.

Your Takeaway

  • Discover partner personalities better to explore a deeper connection
  • Learn to use existing affection to nurture new respect
  • Explore strengths as both individuals and as a couple
  • Learn to identify and address conflicts and paths to resolution
  • Formulate easier communication styles
  • Understand your own relationship pertaining topics from finance to intimacy
  • Strengthen your bonding through experiential activities designed to nurture love

Our Promise

  • Safe, positive and judgement free environment for open conversations with your partner
  • A strict no demand policy to disclose any personal matters in the group
  • Insightful one-on-one time with your partner


  • A free one-on-one session with a Relationship Coach, anytime within 2 months after the workshop

This is your chance to re-create the good times and make them stay. An attempt to rekindle life in your journey together called marriage. Let’s help you, help yourself and your partner in evolving your ‘forever and always’.

Contact us for more details.