Foundation Workshops for Engaged & Newlywed Couples (Zero-to-One Year of Marriage) | The Little Things India

Level – Beginner | Focus – Preparatory

Everyone is wired a little bit differently. When you know how you and your partner are wired…sparks fly.

Engaged to be married. Seriously dating. Planning on tying the knot.
Are you any of the above?

If yes, you are eligible for this foundation workshop by The Little Things.

A high energy and focused workshop that helps you discover the ‘us’ in a relationship. It doesn’t stop here, it also helps you keep the ‘me’ intact in the ‘us’. Imagine an unconventional classroom where you laugh, have fun and go back knowing things that will help you and your partner maneuver through your married life.

Research proves that the biggest struggle during the first few years of marriage is a result of unmet expectations. And, it is not surprising that 45% of divorces filed in India are filed within the first year of marriage. We, at The Little Things, are determined to combat these statistics.

Our workshop is safe, non-confrontational and carefully structured to help you and your partner learn deeper facets of each other, together. Come, prepare yourself, and set the foundation to kick-start this new journey. Our workshops are created by experts keeping in mind the potential struggles that may erupt in marriage.

Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits at the workshop.
At the workshop, you get experts from different professional backgrounds like counselors, life coaches, theater professional, doctors, communication and financial advisors to help you identify, address and navigate through the potential relationship challenges in the first 365 days of marriage.

Your Takeaway

  • Discover the personality styles of your partner for better communication
  • Learn to evolve communication to realize a deeper connection
  • Explore the relationship as a couple by understanding each other’s priorities
  • Strengthen your bonding through experiential activities designed to nurture love
  • Understand each other’s money values and learn to plan finances together
  • Identify potential relationship challenges unique to you both and ways to resolution

Our Promise

  • Safe, positive and judgement free environment for open conversations with your partner
  • A strict no demand policy to disclose any personal matters in the group
  • Insightful one-on-one time with your partner


  • A free one-on-one session with a Relationship Coach, anytime within 2 months after the workshop

Planning a wedding may only take a few days but a marriage lasts forever. Let’s help you help yourself and your partner in preparing for all the ‘I dos’ to come.